My Kind of Town

MKOT cover from AmazonJohn Conroy’s play, My Kind of Town, now for sale on Amazon, is a universal story of the viral nature of corruption and the cost of loyalty – loyalty to an institution, to colleagues, to friends, to family. Centered around a single police interrogation and its consequences, the suspense-filled drama puts a human face on the perpetrators of injustice — some in prison clothes, some in police uniform, some in legal attire. Veteran investigative journalist John Conroy knows the territory well, having spent decades exposing a long-running police torture scandal in Chicago, his hometown. His passionate, groundbreaking script, full of interlocking story lines, was inspired by the stories of numerous victims, police officers, prosecutors and families whose lives were poisoned by the scandal.

The play had its world premiere at TimeLine Theatre in Chicago in 2012, where renowned director Nick Bowling and an extraordinary cast garnered rave reviews. Two brief video excerpts from the production can be seen on TimeLine’s website. The script was published by Chicago Dramaworks in August, 2015, and is available on for $10.

“A masterpiece of a new play.” — Rolling Stone

“Told with spellbinding power….Conroy is as tough a dramatist as he is a journalist: he doesn’t settle for easy melodramatics, neat resolutions or moral absolutes.” – Time Magazine

“Something of a miracle…. vividly real human beings caught up in hellish dilemmas and warp-tight, searingly truthful exchanges….A provocative play [and] an entirely riveting one.” — Chicago Sun-Times

My Kind of Town, the fine new play by John Conroy….gripped its audience…. The tale is told mostly in small scenes of people not quite managing to do the right thing…wholly compelling…Conroy is laying out the great Chicago paradox on a slab as surely as did Nelson Algren when he compared the city to a lovely woman with a broken nose. In Conroy’s telling, though, the beautiful nose was broken deliberately.” – Chicago Tribune

“A complex, human, and disturbing drama….surprising, unsettling, and suspenseful….The play sets up an ethical and moral dilemma for key characters that nobody in the audience would care to face….The spectators leave the theater awash in perplexity…. churning with unease.” –

“Compelling drama….filled with twists, turns and surprises…it leaves the door open for continuing dialogue.” – Chicago Now

Five stars. “This stunning new play…is a strong drama that takes the scandals we have read about and heard on the news to a different level…more real….more human….If you love history, if you love mystery, if you love cop stories, you will love this show.” — Around the Town Chicago